Some Holiday Podcast Recommendations

I love putting together recommendations of podcasts for for friends, so I decided to write a quick list of my favourites in case you need some audio company in long journeys or idle breaks during the end-of-year festivities.

You can find most of these on the Podcast app on your phone!

This American Life

Maybe the best non-fiction podcast out there – quite possibly the first one. This is a must-listen for fans of non-fiction or podcasts.

Episode: 597 One Last Thing Before I Go


Reply All

It tells real stories about things they find in the internet. Always insightful, funny and emotional.

Episode: #79 Boy in Photo


Pod F Tompcast

Comedian Paul F Tompkins is one of the funniest performers and writers I’ve ever come across. This podcast is his solo project and a truly impressive mix of improvisation and writing.

Episode: Pick any! They are all great!



A podcast about people who want to say something to someone, or reconnect in some way.

Episode: #7 Julia – this may be the best single podcast episode of the year.


You Must Remember This

A show about old-Hollywood and its stories. It sounds boring but is genuinely one of the most captivating podcasts out there!

Episode: Check out their Manson Series.



Superb podcast for in-depth and fun thinking about pop-culture.

Episode: 7 Things To Do In A Time Machine (Other Than Killing Hitler)


On Being

An interview show that discusses matters of spirituality, life, politics and activism. It puts out very thoughtful conversations with guests that vary from Michael Sheen to Paulo Coelho.

Episode: Guest Michael Longley  


Comedy Bang Bang

This is a weekly improvisation podcast. It always stars a guest and one or two characters who come into the studio. Week by week it can be hit and miss, but overall it is definitely worth a listen.

Episode: #338 Be my guest! Literally!


Revisionist History

Podcast by the author Malcolm Gladwell, goes into past events, individuals or ideas and thinks about about with a fresh perspective. Like most of his work, this is a very thoughtful and stimulating podcast.

Episode: Hallelujah – it explores the journey of the Leonard Cohen song, from unknown album track to to stable of pop culture.



A podcast run by the Glasgow-based feminist collective. It’s a varied show and has lots in it for you to pick from. A significant presence in the Scottish podcast scene.

Episode: Free Pride, Stranger Things, and the Suffragettes.